The Fold Young Adults

What We Do

Monthly Events

This is a time for us to gather together as a community and grow in our relationship with one another through an activity.

On either the last Wednesday or Friday of every month, we will have an event outside the church. This could look like, bowling, skating or mini golf.

Wednesday Studies

We meet every Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Heartland Alliance Church in the East Auditorium.

These nights we will look like studying God's word, whether it is a certain topic or a book of the Bible, and being in community with one another.  Then we will continue the study through discussion with those around us.

The Assembly

The Assembly is a quarterly gathering of young adult ministries from across the Greater Edmonton Area.

These nights may consist of large worship nights, services, prayer nights,  or serve nights in with young adults ministries from around the city are able to come together as the Body of Christ even though we are from opposite sides of the city.

Who We Are

Austin Norlin
Pastor of Young Adults

Caleb Peters
Ministry coordinator - Young Adults