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Feb 12/2017

Address the Mess - Prepare for What's Coming

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Family Service Weekend

This weekend is a Family Service Weekend. These happen a few times a year on a long weekend when we…

Posted by Team Heartland on Feb 15/2017

You're Invited to Alpha!

Find out at Alpha! Invite your friends! A practical introduction to the Christian faith. Everyone of…

Posted by Team Heartland on Jan 17/2017

Fear of Being Alone

We can’t fear being alone because God wants to meet you on your own. He desires to meet with us in…

Posted by Danielle Theberge on Jan 14/2017

Al Andrus

"Welcome to Heartland Alliance Church. Heartland is a gathering of people looking to connect with God in meaningful ways. May you find this 'house' a friendly and safe place to worship and to learn."

- Al Andrus

Lead Pastor