Wade grew up in Sherwood Park and joined the Heartland team in June 2009. Before his time at Heartland, he was on the pastoral team at Sherwood Park Alliance Church for 10 years. Wade is a graduate of Taylor University College and the Arrow Leadership Program. He loves coaching local hockey and basketball sports teams and serves on a variety of local boards focused on kids, youth, and families. He is married to Sharla, his high school sweetheart, and they have three children.
Sydney grew up in Ardrossan and joined the Heartland team in 2015. She has worked in several areas ranging from kids, youth, young adults, women's, and missions. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Vanguard College here in Edmonton. She loves that her job allows for her to embrace her giftings and to work with young people in all that she does! She loves finding good coffee, playing sports with friends, and reading a good book (or two). She lives in Sherwood Park with her husband Jon and their dog Elvis.
Karla has attended and volunteered at Heartland since 2010 and has been on staff since October 2017. She started as a part-time hire working in Guest Services. Since then, she's done many different jobs for different departments and is currently the Administrative Coordinator of Heartland Kids, Youth, and Young Adults. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and has done a few performances in Edmonton, even running a musical theatre company for a few years. She loves that working in Kids, Youth, and Young Adults allows her to use both her administrative and creative sides! She is married to her wonderful husband Cody.
Sam grew up in Sherwood Park and began attending and volunteering at Heartland in 2017 and joined the team as an intern in 2020. He has worked in a variety of areas such as Kids, Youth and worship. He is Pursuing a Bachelor of Theology in Youth Ministry from Vanguard College. He loves that his job allows him to use his gifts and walk alongside students as a positive role model as they develop their own personal faith and relationship with God! He loves jamming on instruments with his friends, playing and watching soccer and reading books on culture and youth ministry. He lives in Sherwood Park with his Parents, twin brother and younger sister.
Will grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and began leading at Heartland in 2017, where he jumped into the role of becoming a legendary intern in 2018. He's continued to bring style to the office from then till now, working his way up the ranks to the summer program director (next stop, Wade's job?). Will spends lots of his hours working at Fort Christian School, where he once attended, developing relationships with students and showing off his dodgeball skills. He loves good music, coffee, basketball and sneakers. You can always catch him rocking a crazy pair of shoes.