service registration

REGISTRATION OPENS Thursday, May 27 AT 9:00 AM

If it is full please continue tocheck back for cancellations.

**If prior to attending you are unwell or otherwise unable to attend, please ensure you cancel your registration in order to allow others 
to attend in your place.

step one


Download the Church Center app from your app store onto your smartphone*.  

Apple App store

Google App Store

  Click “Get Started

*If you don't have a smartphone or are unable to download the app 
please call the church at 780 467 7005 to register.

step two

You will be asked to find your church through location services or manually.  If you choose manually, you will need to enter Sherwood Park and Canada and in order to find Heartland Alliance Church.

Once Heartland Alliance Church appears on your screen, click that and then at the bottom click “This is My Church” and “Next”.

You will be prompted to enter a cell number or email to receive a code.  Check your text messages/emails to get code, enter and click “Next”.

Enter the 6-digit code and click “Next”.

Log-in as yourself.

step three

At the bottom of the screen click “Events”.

Click on the service date for which you are registering.
Then click “register” in the bottom right-hand corner.

The names of all those linked to your household should appear
on the screen.  Click on the boxes to the left of the names
you wish to register.

Using the drop-down menu, choose the service
and location
you wish to attend.

Click “Next: Details
Please check to ensure your personal information is correct.  
You will be asked to check the personal information
of each person you are registering.
Press “Next:  Review
Press “Complete Registration
You will receive an email confirmation.