HEaring God

Is God silent? All creation was established through the definitive act of God speaking. Jesus Himself is revealed to us as being the very Word of God. As we read through the Bible, we see a picture of God being active in speaking, yet many today do not personally identify with this experience.

We offer "Hearing God—Learning to Listen in Everyday Life" on a regular basis at Heartland. This small group study builds on foundations from the Encounter God Retreat. Hearing God will walk participants through study sessions in a small group setting answering questions like: "Does God still speak today?" and "Why do we need to hear God's voice?" Practice sessions help you begin to walk out your first steps in making hearing God a regular part of your spiritual life.

We offer the Hearing God course for your Life Groups (contact the church for curriculum) or as a Connex Group.

Our hope is that everyone who calls Heartland their church home will embrace both the Hearing God & Encounter God experiences.