King Ahab\'s Anger // July 19-25, 2021

Grade 1-6 Weekend Experience

  • Unit: Emoji Madness
  • Lesson: King Ahab's Anger
  • Worship & Video Lesson (watch - Worship will be at the bottom of the page; pick any songs you'd like!)
  • Go! Home Guide (download)
  • Activity Instructions (download)
  • Activity Cards (download)
  • Colouring Page (download)

Family Bible Memory Verse (BMV)
  • Print this week's BMV poster and put it up in a high traffic area.  Invite everyone in your household to learn the verse each week (preschoolers, elementary, teens and parents).
  • Come up with creative ways to memorize the verse.  This isn't meant to be a chore, but a wonderful opportunity to soak in the Word of God together as a family. 
  • Print this question to ask your family at the dinner table!

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