Easter in Ephesians Day 5 // Thursday April 1

Thank you for engaging in this devotional this week!  God bless you as you watch the video and spend some time in the prayer guide below. 

Click here to access the Heartland Kids Easter Countdown.
Gratitude:  Ask Jesus to bring to your mind your favorite passage of the Bible.  Why is this special to you?  This prayer is one of my favorite passages in God’s Word.  What is one of yours?  Take time to think about that and then thank Jesus for that passage.

Invitation:  Jesus is eager to be close to you.  Good Friday and Easter Sunday guarantee the relationship that we can have with Him.  Invite Jesus to come even closer to you now.

Engage with Scripture and ask for highlights:  Our passage today is Ephesians 3:14-22.  This is a great passage to pray and to ponder.  Ask Jesus to highlight specific parts of it to you today.
What were some highlights?  Take note of the words or sentences that Jesus highlighted for you today.

Respond:  It is very important that we engage the Bible and then also obey what Jesus shows us.  In what ways do you need to respond to Jesus?  Jesus is not trying to make us busier.  He is wanting to make us more like Him in our choices and actions.

Is there anything else?  Ask Jesus if there is anything else that He wants to talk to you about from this passage today.  Slow down so that you can engage with all that He wants for you.

Pray for Heartland:  Pray the prayer from this passage for Heartland today.

Ask God to strengthen us with His power.

Pray that we would experience the dimensions of God’s love in a greater way.

Pray that our staff and volunteer leaders would experience the fullness of God in their lives.

Pray for our online Good Friday services, Drive-In Communion, and Easter Services.

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