Easter in Ephesians Day 4 // Wednesday March 31

I am so glad that you are continuing to be part of these devotionals!  You can watch this short video and then follow the guide.  Leave comments or share any prayer requests that you have.  You can send your prayer requests to prayer@hearlandalliance.ca.

Click here to access the Heartland Kids Easter Countdown.
Gratitude:  For whom are you grateful today?  How have they impacted your life?  Spend time asking Jesus to show you for whom you can thank Him today.  Gratitude grows our connection to Jesus as we spend time considering for whom we are grateful.  We grow our connection to God as we thank Him for these key people in our lives.
Invitation:  Jesus is always with us.  At the same time, He loves it when we invite Him to come closer to us and to lead us.  Take a moment to do that now.
Engage with Scripture and ask for highlights:  Today’s passage is Ephesians 3:1-13.  There is something special in each part of the Bible.  Ask Jesus to highlight something to you today in this passage.
What were some highlights? What did Jesus highlight for you?  How many things stood out?  Take note of that.  Maybe you are not sure.  If you are having challenges, admit them to Jesus.  Ask for His help.

Respond: It can be tough to walk in the boldness and confidence that Paul talks about in this passage.  Ask Jesus for His boldness and confidence.  Respond to the other things that Jesus highlighted for you from this passage.  What is He saying to you?

Is there anything else?  It can be easy to rush through a time with the Lord.  I want to encourage you to slow down again right now.  Take a deep breath.  Ask Jesus if there is anything else that He wants to show you from this passage.
Pray for Heartland: Pray that we would grow in our prayer relationship with God because of the access that Jesus has made for us.

Pray that we would be a people of great intimacy with Jesus.

Pray that Jesus would give us His boldness and confidence to reach outsiders.

Pray that we would have a great impact on Strathcona County and beyond, so that lots of people will come to Jesus through the love of our church.

Pray that God would grow and empower our Personal Prayer Ministry teams.  Pray that the Lord would draw more people forward to pray for this ministry and to sign up for ministry appointments.

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