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Jul 24/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 33

Yesterday we read Matthew 13:1-23 and over the next few days we will look at what the seed and soil has to do with us "Hearing God."

Q: What does the seed represent?

The seed represents God communicating to us. This is told to us in the parable when Jesus gives us the interpretation of it and refers to the seed as…

  • The message about the kingdom or 
  • The word.

The “message” or the “word” doesn't simply refer to the Word of God, but refers to a much bigger picture of God communicating to us through different things like we have been talking about the last number of weeks:

  • The Bible
  • Prayer
  • Holy Spirit
  • Community (Others)
  • Preaching
  • Jesus
  • etc.

If these are some forms that the seeds take… What does the soil represent?

The soil represents the heart of the hearers. There are different soils representing the different types of hearers. There are bad soils and there are good soils. There are bad hearers and there are good hearers. Jesus gives us some examples to weigh within our lives, that we will look at tomorrow, however this doesn't have to be considered an exhaustive list when it comes to examples of bad hearers.

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