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Jul 13/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 22

The question you have to ask yourself is… Do you want to hear God? If the answer is yes, then dig in, slug it out, work hard, learn, soak it all in, and be a dogged learner. As we have talked about the disciples from Acts, that they were ‘devoted’ to the things of God. This means a full commitment to what you are doing.

Can we take Hearing God and give it the same commitment we would to our sports team, our video games, our social media activities… etc. Do you want to hear God?

Even with this separation that exists, God has provided us ways to still hear from him…


  • The body (church community)
  • Obedience
  • Bible
  • Prayer
  • Holy Spirit
  • The Cross


These are some of the pieces God has provided to extend a bridge from his voice to our hearts, so that we can know who He is, what he is all about, and how he wants to use us.

Take a few minutes and give yourself a grade 1-5 for each of the above tools God has given to us. This summer might be a great time to explore how you can better utilize these gifts.

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