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Jul 7/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 16

There are lots of types of crisis… there is persecution for your faith as Peter and John were experiencing. Anytime you are proclaiming the name of Jesus there is heat that will come at you. There is also crisis of:

  • Developmental crisis, which are predictable or expected even though they may not seem to be… (Puberty, relational strains, finding independence)
  • Situational crisis (Unexpected or sudden – accidents, deaths, injuries, etc.)
  • Inner conflicts (Faith/spirituality, purpose for life/definition)

We all face crisis during our life. These can come here and there, in spurts, or everyday. We get to choose what we do with them. One of the greatest tragedies of our day, is when we choose to endure a crisis in isolation, choosing to go through it alone. This aloneness can be out of choice, or because of a feeling that there is no one to go through the crisis with.

Hopefully one of the themes that has been shining through in the book of Acts, is that under no circumstances is there ever a reason that we are to go through something alone. Acts teaches us over and over that the body of believers is designed to support each other through thick and thin. Through whatever crisis’ may come up, we are to be there for each other.

Peter and John knew this… that’s why as soon as they were released from custody, they went straight to “their own people.” They knew that is where they would find the support that they needed. And they didn’t just go and act like it was all good. They went and it says they “reported all that the chief priests and the elders had said to them.” They spilled the beans. They opened themselves up and shared their experiences. They extended vulnerability and in doing so they created a community of… Togetherness.

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