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Jul 5/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 14

We need the Holy Spirit flooding us, immersing us. We need our grandmas and grandpas, our moms and dads, aunts and uncles, men and women, seniors, adults, young adults, youth, kids filled with the Holy Spirit. It is when we walk forward Spirit-Empowered that we develop faith for life. It is when we are Spirit-Empowered that we are equipped to change the world…

We see this all through the book of Acts… When Christ-followers operated out of Spirit-Empowerment:

  • Coward disciples were turned to courageous proclaimers of the gospel
  • 3000 accepted Jesus in one day
  • Buildings were shaken through prayer
  • The Word of God penetrated the hardest of hearts
  • A man bent on destroying the church was transformed into the leader of the missionary work of the church
  • Signs and wonders took place leading people to the cross
  • And the list goes on and on through the New Testament, through the history of the church, through the years of Heartland and out Gate Community.

What will God do with in this place over the next ten years?

There are two truths to be learned when it comes to the Holy Spirit…

  • There is always more Spirit then we can experience, and
  • God always desires to pour more Holy Spirit into us


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