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Jul 2/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 11

There IS a difference between just a Christian walk and a Spirit-Empowered Christian walk. The baptism in the Holy Spirit opens the flood gates. Asking for ongoing fillings of the Spirit is what ensures that water keeps flooding through and doesn’t get jammed up and reduced to a trickle. There is evidences that we can experience through ongoing fillings of the Spirit as we partner with the Holy Spirit in His sanctifying work of making us more like Jesus day by day. Here are a few of the evidences of the on-going filling of the Holy Spirit…


The entire previous list that was mentioned in yesterday's blog under baptism in the Spirit plus…

  • Continued experiences of God’s presence, guidance, empowerment, and resources.
  • Fruit of the Spirit and character that reflects Christ 
  • Discernment 
  • Unity 
  • An on-going attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, what He desires, and what He is saying, what He is doing, and where He is leading
  • Being obedient in following His direction for our lives, significant relationships, business, career, and use of our time, talents and resources 
  • Continual and increasing empowerment for life, spiritual gifts and ministry.
  • Greater clarity of vision and “seeing” God 
  • A sense where God allows you into His heart, allowing you to feel what He feels and think what He thinks about a certain situation, person, or group of people 

Are you experiencing the evidences of the baptism and on-going filling of the Spirit? Are you receiving the presence, power and effectiveness that is available and promised to every Christ-follower?

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