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Jul 1/2015

Gate Community Summer - Day 10

Happy Canada Day!

Yesterday we talked about life with the Spirit produces change within us that is permanent and lasting!

There are many different evidences of the baptism that can be evident in the Christ-follower. Here are a few of them for you…


  • Boldness for witness 
  • Power. Back in Acts 1… The disciples were actually instructed to do nothing but wait until they received power as the Holy Spirit came upon them 
  • For reaching the world 
  • For service and ministry to others
  • Speaking in tongues 
  • Praise and worship 
  • The supernatural ability that is beyond yourself to love sacrificially and selflessly 
  • Receive a sound mind or exercise self-control 
  • The presence of, or the increased power and effectiveness of spiritual gifts 
  • Passion for the Word and holiness
  • Passion for a deeper experience with Christ
  • Prayer life comes to life
  • Overwhelming sense of warmth or internal fire, peace, presence, joy, intense laughter or intense weeping
  • Sudden increase in awareness of the spiritual realm and the supernatural
  • Sudden increase in sensitivity to what the Holy Spirit desires, is saying, and is doing
  • Overcome with the Spirit, meaning the power and presence is so intense that our human body has trouble containing it.

You may define the receiving of the Spirit, Baptism in the Spirit, or Filling of the Spirit as different, the same, or something else. What is critical is that we don’t get bogged down by some of the wording, but that we are united in the idea that we all need more of the Holy Spirit. That list I just mentioned… these are evidences that should be part of your life and experience as a Christ-follower and these evidences should have contributed to lasting fruit in the Kingdom of God.

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