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Nov 10/2017

Through the Eyes of Lion: Turn Off the Dark

TURN OFF THE DARK – Grief and Loss of a Loved One

As we talked about last week, it can be valuable to prepare for a trial that we are not yet in. As we lean into what God is doing in us in those times when we are not under trial, our foundation is being built.

What's Your Foundation?

Is your foundation your family, your friends, your work? Or can you genuinely say that you have truly built your foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ? If we do build our foundation with Jesus as the rock, then we can be sure that even in the midst of trials; when our whole life is turned upside down. We can have the assurance that God will be with us and, instead of being tossed about in the waves trying to keep our head above water, we can thrive. We can, as we talked about last week, turn off the dark.

This week we see what it looks like to be in the fire of a trial, and have our foundation truly tested. We had the opportunity to listen to the journey that Evan and Shelley Schmidtke took as they tragically lost their daughter in a vehicle accident. Even in the midst of their trial, in the midst of the emotion, the heartache, the pain and the mourning, God was with them. We were reminded that God’s primary response to our pain is not to simply remove it, to snap His fingers and make it go away. No, it is instead to draw near to us, to wrap His arms around us and to weep with us.

We learned some valuable insights from Evan and Shelley’s journey. First, that grief is okay. We don’t need to block our feelings or emotions, or try to push them down. God wants us to grieve. Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one. When we go through the process of grief there are some valuable insights that we can carry with us:

  • There is no timeline on grief, nor goals. It takes as long as it takes. However, we can be assured that grief is temporary. It may take time, but the pain of grief will not last forever.
  • We can find rest and assurance in the knowledge that God is faithful, and He will not abandon us in our grief.
  • God wants us to express our feelings about our loss and grief with Him. Even if we are angry, sad, depressed, confused, or any other feeling or struggle. God wants to be there for us in it. He wants to share in the burden of our grief.
  • There's healing and encouragement that can be found when we share our grief with others, specifically, the body of Christ. As we share our grief with others, whom we can trust, our burden is lightened and others have the opportunity to be an encouragement physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

- Kris Schmidke 


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