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Oct 27/2016

The List of "Firsts"

We had a fun night last night with Potluck!

In honor of doing the “fan or follower” series Holly had groups make people into fans using toilet paper! It has been amazing to see how God is creating a vibrant and dynamic community. Friendships are being built, new understanding of God being created, and leaders stepping into helping out. Continue to pray God would continue to deepen young adults spiritually as we grow.

One thought to think about from last night’s discussion was the challenge to move forward on what God asks you to do. Take a look at Luke 9:57-62. We can see that Jesus expected an immediate follow through to those that desired to follow him. This challenge confronts the basic need in many of us to want to have everything together before we make a commitment or jump in.

Do you have a list “firsts” that you would rather do before following Jesus?

It’s easy to hit “snooze” and say, “I’ll follow after finish or do ____________.” What is your fill in the blank? Jesus wants our response to his leading now, not later. It’s the things we do now that make up our later life and create what kind of people we are becoming. Is your future self going to be thankful for the decisions and things you are doing now?

“Follow me” Jesus says ...“not tomorrow, not next week, but every moment of your every day.”





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