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Jan 9/2015

Take the Challenge: Read Your Bible Everyday

We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks of going through the Hearing God series with the Young Adult group on Wednesday nights.  Hopefully you can join us as we explore God’s scripture and learn how to become more sensitive to God’s daily and practical leading in our lives.

We felt it was important however to first get back to the foundations of God’s Word in our life.  If we are not daily in scripture, it is easy to drift in our understanding of who God is and how He interacts or wants to engage with us day to day.  As well, not being in scripture hinders our ability to hear God speaking to us from situation to situation. 

Do you feel God talking to you about something right now? Are you listening, exploring, ignoring, or distorting it?

Sometimes we neglect to spend time with God in a desire to hide from what He may be saying to us.  Or, we become just lazy in our priority to be in His word daily.  Hebrews 4:13: “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Two ways to look at God’s word:

  1. Eat: You need spiritual food…so feed your spiritual man.  Can you imagine if all you ate was fast food?  It may fill you up and satisfy your hunger for a little while, but over time you will notice that you body will not be satisfied with meals that lack true nutritional value.  Things will start to deteriorate and with time...only get worse.  This is the same for God’s Word.  We often justify grabbing bite size verses that only capture a small amount of what God really wants us to get out of something.  Sit down!  Read scripture, stop to meditate, and ask what God might want you to receive and respond to it.
  2. Communicate:  You need a personal communication with God…so read His emails, texts, and calls to you!  Don’t just settle for someone else always reading things for you and then relaying what they “think” you would want to know.  When you only engage with God’s scripture second-hand through someone else…you can miss out on the unique way you receive information and receiving the way God wants to speak to you.  It's still good to listen to sermons and read good biblically based books…but don’t forget to check the primary and most important way God speaks directly to you:  His Word.

Questions that demand action. 

  • What ‘Holy habits” will you pray and create to set apart time to be alone with God?  Morning…throughout the day…at night?
  • This week, ask God to wake you up when He thinks you should be up to read scripture and meditate on His word.  
  • Start a daily reading plan and get in the living truth of God’s word.  Without it we are going into battle swordless. 

Good Resources to get you started: 

Bible Reading Plans:

Devotionals with Reading Plans:


No excuse.  Just do it.  God is speaking.  Hope to see you on Wednesday night. 

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