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Sep 15/2016

Let's Go Fishing

When Jesus calls, will you listen?

In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus calls the fisherman Simon to follow him. Think about Simon (the man) for a moment, he was just doing his thing and minding his own business. Out of nowhere Jesus shows up and invites Simon to be a part of the ministry. Jesus does not blow down any personal boundaries or force himself on Simon. Jesus simply invites him into what he was already doing... he simply said, "can I use your boat?"

Eventually Jesus takes his eyes off the crowd he was ministering too and turns to Simon. 

 “What about you?”

Just like Simon we need to respond to this question. It’s important that when we do, we know that Jesus gives us faith and grace to do so. Jesus offers us freely a God size view of life. It's a free gift! 

Live by Faith and walk in Grace.

We can often create limits based on the past or what makes sense. Simon did in verse 5 “We have worked hard and not caught anything.”

 ...It’s time to grow in faith and go beyond what makes sense to you.

Stop writing things off and start writing them down. Ask God to increase your faith to follow, but also ask him to give you courage to follow through. It’s awesome how Simon in the second part of that verse, says, “but because you say so, I will let down the nets." Jesus will expand your faith as you step out to follow. 

We are also quick to doubt our qualifications. Simon once again responded in Vs. 8 “Go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man.”

…It’s time to redefine your qualification in light of Jesus’ grace.

Jesus calls those who know they need to be humble and rely on his power and presence. They know they need his example and to be dependent on him. Jesus is not just looking for the best leaders; he is looking for those who are willing to follow him. So stop writing yourself off and lean on his sufficient grace.

Ready to go fishing? (again) 

- Danielle 

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