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Sep 17/2015

Heartburn #1: Being Filled with Passion for Jesus

This past Wednesday we talked about that passion is created by a desire for something, which creates natural drive within us to pursue it with all our means no matter the cost. Read more from Wednesday below or watch a summary of our talk from Wednesday by clicking here.

Jennie Allen in her book Restless says, “Passion originates in the Latin meaning “to suffer.” Religious scholars created the word in the eleventh century to describe the willing suffering of Jesus on the cross. However, the word “Passion” has become nearly synonymous with what pleases and excites us in modern culture. But consider that passion is originally defined as the moment of the deepest willing suffering of Jesus on cross.”  

Passion = Sacrifice

To be a passionate Christian in our culture is going to mean that we will be in an ongoing wrestle between the tension of wanting more of God and our natural selfish nature.

When we come into relationship with God we will desire to know him more and follow the example Jesus shows in the New Testament. However, we get stuck in the bondage of sin and/or simply take the lazy road in our faith when what God calls us too may require sacrifice.

Have you felt God calling you to sacrifice things in passion for him... Fears, self-dependency, friends, opinions of others, money, comfort zone, your time, old habits, or old places?

In our wrestle to pursue God in passion we can trust that he never leaves us. 

Psalms 63:8

“My Soul Followed hard after thee; thy right hand upholdeth me.” (KJV)

God holds us in the wrestle and struggle to pursue him. All the while we follow hard after him, he holds us in his hands! In fact he desires that we turn to him and rely on him to be refreshed, refocused, refuelled in the midst of the wrestle! Even when we can’t see him in the moment, we shouldn't be afraid to press in with determination to find him!

Psalms are a book of poetry written in the Bible by people who experienced many ups and downs in their struggle to follow God. They were determined to be passionate in the lows and highs, expressing their failings and frustrations to God. They pressed into God when they could not see him in their circumstance or life became clouded by sin. It is an encouragement to us to keep going even when we feel like the cost is too high. 

Reflect On:

  • What was it that originally drew you to God? Or is drawing you to God?
  • How do you continue to pursue him in the ups and downs and press in? 


Read: Psalm 32

  • Is there something in your life that you are keeping silent from God?
  • Are there barriers you need to confess and press into God about that are getting in the way of a passionate life for him? 

Don’t be afraid of the wrestle & press in!

“Aside from all the religious externals, we must first determine to find Him, and then proceed in the way of simplicity.”

- "Pursuit of God" A.W. Tozer


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