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Aug 27/2015

An "Under Construction" Community

I am looking forward to Young Adult Wednesday kickoff coming up on September 9 at Heartland. It got me thinking about community and how can we be one that reflects Jesus alive in us?

Building community is always a risk because I know that we are all “people under construction.” The riskier part is that we not just aiming to be a big group of people that hangout; rather we are building each other up in Christ.

There is a crazy expectation to be a lot of things to a lot of people. We all come with our dysfunction and hurts. However, I am reminded that the best unifier is Jesus. There is a beautiful old analogy... All instruments sound different however when they are all tuned the same they can all play in beautiful unison. A tuning fork works to establish a single note that everyone can tune too to make that happen. Without it, it all sounds chaotic and misplaced.

Our tuning fork for Christian community is when every person is seeking Jesus daily... Listening, learning, and waiting for His sound. However, Jesus is not some distant “tuning fork" you need to search through your household drawers for.

“To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory." -

- Colossians 1:27

"The power that renews sinful humanity is not simply power but the indwelling of the very person of Jesus Christ. Humanity is regenerated, not by some renovation of is own being, but by the very life of Jesus living in it."

 - Heart of the Gospel by Bernie A. Van De Walle

Pray, Seek, Ask, Listen:

  • What expectations do you hold for church community?
  • How are you “tuning” and fostering a Christ-centered life that overflows into our community?
  • What action needs to follow? 

I leave you with a note that kick-started YAC three years ago. 

Note from: September 2, 2012

When you think about Community there are a lot of risks that come to mind. There is the risk that you might get to know people better. There is the risk that you will begin to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships. There is the risk that you will be held accountable to living your life for Christ as opposed to going "solo" and doing what you "feel" like. There is a risk that people may want to hangout with you and know what you think, feel, and how you like to spend your time. There is a risk that you will laugh hard. There is the risk you may share in front of someone something that you may have never told anyone in your life. There is the risk that people may be totally different from you and challenge your perspective. There is the risk that you have to be vulnerable when you don’t want to open up doors that have been locked for years.

In community you become vulnerable and learn to trust people. Hoping that they will accept you for you. I know when I think of "community" sometimes I get nervous, because if people really know me, then I wonder...will they like me? I think "oh dear, really knowing people means that I may let them down." I am also nervous for the fact that I am not a perfect person and may not make the decisions people expect or think I should make. I think that as much as I would like to be the "new mysterious" person in life, entering into a new place everyday... just staying and leaving long enough for people to get a surface impression, it is not worth it. I think there is value in simply knowing people over a long period of time. Taking the time to know people and develop relationships teaches us to go deeper into who we are. We need others to challenge and stretch our thinking, no matter how different they may be from us. We need others to teach us to forgive and be forgiven. To show and receive compassion. Not to mention I have found some of my best friends, when I chose to remain and take the risk. Grab hold of community... it can be broken, but it is the most amazing feeling to be lifted by others around you.

So is it worth the risk?


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