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Inner Growth – Outward Focus

My heart is that each woman has opportunity to become all that God has created her to be…Inner growth, in character and ability as well as emotionally and relationally.

Your unique life story has shaped you into who you are today.  My desire is that you will know what God has for you daily and that you will form and enjoy strong relationships with Him and others.

I invite women of all ages and stages to ‘get connected’.  God has designed us to grow and develop who we are in healthy interdependent relationships.  Women can learn so much from other women as we encourage and care for one another.  We need each other.

Also, I challenge all of us women to look beyond ourselves and our immediate circles, to discover and develop how we can participate and contribute in the bigger picture...Outward focus.  Together let’s expand our sphere of influence and follow God’s prompting out of our comfort zones to build relationships that meet the needs of those in our broader community and world.

May your participation and experiences at Heartland create much Inner Growth with an Outward Focus in your life.



Joy Cadwell

Pastor of Women

Yolande Tkachyk

Ministry Assistant