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Welcome to the Women’s Ministry page at Heartland Alliance.  I’m so glad you stopped by!

Here at Heartland, in Women’s Ministry, we’re passionate about three main things:  women going deeper in their relationship with God, women going deeper in relationships with each other, and women sharing of the goodness of God in their places of influence.

What do these things look like and how do they happen?  Well, God is endlessly creative! 

  • He loves to engage with us as we read the Bible. 
  • He loves to speak to us as we grow in listening to His voice. 
  • He loves to bring freedom and healing to our hearts by the power of His Holy Spirit. 
  • He loves to use our stories and experiences to encourage and build each other up

      and we believe that these things happen best in community.  We were made to live life together!

There are several ways as women to get involved in community here at Heartland.  Look at the options below and consider if any might be a good fit for you.  If you have any questions, contact us and ask.  We would love to help you as you consider how you may become involved in community here at Heartland.



Joy Cadwell

Pastor of Women

Yolande Tkachyk

Ministry Assistant