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Long-Term Small Group Experience

Life Groups are a longer term group experience where members meet regularly and share the journey of life together through deeper relationships and meaningful friendships. Life Groups in a very real way are the Heart of Heartland and our hope is that everyone would be able to find a Life Group that becomes your church family.

Life Groups live out what it means to be the church within their group experience. This means learning together, laughing together and praying together. Groups will also often get together for social outlines like bbq's or camping trips or to work together on a serving opportunity. Each Life Group experience has a unique feel and personality as they follow Christ through the seasons of life.

Groups meet on various days of the week and locations around Strathcona County and cover topics that are relevant to the current needs of the group. They gather as couples, as men or as women, at every age and stage of life.

Because life groups are on-going communities, we work hard and take time to find just the right fit for you and your family.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a Life Group, you can register by: