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May 25/2017

Spring 2017 Curriculum Survey

Albertans are being asked to provide feedback on what students will learn as part of the government’s second curriculum survey.

Last fall, Albertans provided their feedback on the current K-12 provincial curriculum. That survey began what is the largest curriculum rewrite in Alberta’s history. The next step in this work is to gather input on what students will learn and when they will learn it in the future curriculum.

The spring 2017 survey has two parts. In the first part, Albertans are invited to provide their thoughts on the general content of the six subject areas of Language Arts (English, Français, French), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts, and Wellness Education. In the second part, Albertans are asked to provide detailed feedback on the draft content for the six subjects. Alberta Education will then review the results of the survey and use what they heard to refine their work and help develop learning outcomes in each subject. The development of learning outcomes in the six subject areas will begin in fall 2017.

Input gathered from the curriculum survey is one of the many elements being taken into consideration during the government’s review of the K-12 curriculum. Alberta Education will continue to analyze the current curriculum, review up-to-date research on teaching and learning, examine what other education systems are doing and review current and previous work with stakeholders.

Quick facts: The curriculum survey is open from May 15 to June 2.  Previously, Albertans were given the opportunity to participate in the two-part fall 2016 Provincial Curriculum Survey.

  • Part A of the survey was designed to gauge Albertans’ support for the direction of development of the K-12 curriculum.
  • Part B was designed to get subject-specific feedback on the current K–12 curriculum.
  • A total of 32,391 people responded to Part A of the survey and 25,615 people responded to Part B.
  • Last fall, close to 3,600 people across the province attended face-to-face sessions facilitated by the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia.

To take the survey, CLICK HERE.

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