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May 13/2014

Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

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This morning our Heartland pastoral staff attended the 2014 Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. It was a wonderful gathering of church leaders from all around our community. Mayor Roxanne Carr hosted the event and expressed her thanks for all churches do in our community. Former provincial MLA, Iris Evans, was the Master of Ceremonies and did a wonderful job of weaving the program together. Heartland's very own Pastor Rob led worship, teaming up with Sherwood Park Alliance Church worship pastor Greg Ramsay. The keynote speaker was George Cuff who spoke about "The Importance of Tone at the Top." Mr. Cuff had a lot of great leadership insight bringing a unique background of someone who has been a church leader, a political leader, and now a consultant to government.

"What is important is not the role we hold in life but our contributions in life... leaders' integrity" - George Cuff

We live in a wonderful community where the freedom exists for church leaders and political leaders to gather under one roof to respect the work that we all do to create a great community for people.

"Maturity means you set high standards while treating others with respect!" - George Cuff.


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