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Feb 25/2015

Journaling Is Hard! So Why Do It?

If you are like most of the world then journaling is not the first spiritual discipline you jump at! For some, journaling comes so easily and naturally. They fill page after page with wonderful thoughts, prayers, questions, or words from God. You think... "Now if journaling came that easy for me, then I would do it!" The truth of the matter is, they wouldn't call it a discipline if it came easy for everyone. There is a sense of discomfort as we learn any new skill, especially one that can seem so foreign to so many.

Today's Prayer and Fasting Journal focus is the discipline of Journaling. Refer to the devotional to read what journaling is all about, why is it valuable, and some ways we can get started. 

Journaling as a discipline can greatly enhance your growth and experience with other disciplines. In his book "Celebration of Discipline", Richard Foster breaks his list of disciplines into three categories, although this is not an exhaustive list of the disciplines. In brackets I have added how journaling can be a discipline enhancer:

The Inward Disciplines 

  • Meditation (record the things that you hear, record your thoughts to help focus)
  • Prayer (consider recording your prayers to look back on them and see how God has worked)
  • Fasting (use your journal as a fasting planner for how long, from what are you fasting, purpose for your fast, record your experiences and what you hear from God along the way)
  • Study (as you study God's Word, use your journal to record your learnings)

The Outward Disciplines (Inward Reality that Results in Outward Lifestyle)

  • Simplicity (writing down what we hear from God about the priorities in our lives)
  • Solitude (record the things that you hear, record your thoughts to help focus)
  • Submission (take an account of where God is asking you to bring things in your life under His accountability)
  • Service (journal your passions and giftings, where have you seen God using you this weekand where are you hearing God leading you to serve)

The Corporate Disciplines 

  • Confession (journal the things you feel God is leading you to confess, look back later at the victories God has brought to you life)
  • Worship (consider reading through the Psalms and as you do, record in your journal your own worshipful reflection)
  • Guidance (write out your upcoming schedule and ask God to direct where he may want to lead you)
  • Celebration (list all the ways you see God working in your life and take some time to praise him for these things) 

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Chris Bowie said on February 25, 2015

This is excellent! It has encouraged me to journal more specifically - thank you!