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Sep 23/2016

Harvest Celebration

Organizers of the Share the Harvest growing project are inviting community members to join in their harvest celebration.

On Saturday, October 1, local farmers and supporters will gather at the field east of Gibbons for a time of sharing and celebration, and to collectively harvest their crop.

The event starts at 11:30 am with introductions and at noon sponsors are providing free BBQ hamburgers. At 1:00 pm, and weather permitting, about 12 combines will be harvesting 150 acres of wheat. There is also 40 acres of canola at a separate location that will be harvested at a later date.

Proceeds from the sale of the crop will be donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to alleviate world hunger. The crop has been grown on donated land, with donated seed, fertilizer and herbicides. The Share the Harvest directors provide the field operations, such as seeding, spraying and harvesting. The local chapter is one of over 200 growing projects across Canada that work to help the poor.

It is an incredible example of many people coming together for a common cause. In 2014-2015, 260 growing projects across Canada raised $6.7 million for the work of the Foodgrains Bank. 

Share the Harvest project is located on Range Road 221, 9 kilometers east of Gibbons on Highway 643.

For more information please call Shaun Galloway at 780-777-4153.

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