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Feb 28/2017

Capital Care Centre Ministry Team

Our Capital CareCentre Ministry at Heartland continues to encourage those who feel God’s pull to give back in a ministry of presence! We thought it best to explain what it is that we do and what it is all about through a Q&A session below.

Q: What is this ministry all about?
A: Our seniors love interaction! Many of them have been Christ-Followers for most of their lives but often find themselves lacking a place to worship together or celebrate God’s love in a defined setting. We offer them this opportunity as we come together to celebrate what He has done in our lives. The service begins with a welcome and prayer before we move into song. There is a very brief devotional in the middle followed by more songs and ending with a prayer. The residents can associate with songs moreso than words. It brings them back to earlier days of worship.

Q: What do you do? What can I do?
A: To be honest, there isn’t much to it! It is vital to appreciate that your presence makes the biggest difference! Many of them don’t often get visitors. We start by setting up the service items(Piano, Hymn books, pulpit) and then move on to interacting with the Seniors in the common area. An offer is extended to participate in the service; and if they accept, we move them to the service area and sit amongst them during the service to assist with the hymn books. You might think it is simple and otherwise inactive, but I ASSURE you, your engagement and service means the world to these wonderful Seniors.

Q: When and where is it?
A: It is held every 4th Sunday from 2:00 - 2:30 pm. We do encourage you to arrive at least 30 mins prior to assist in preparations and interact with the Seniors. It is located at 12 Brower Dr in Sherwood Park. Contact me at ( if you wish to participate! We would love to have you!

Q: Can my kids come?
A: Absolutely! In fact, this is a favourite of the residents. They utterly love children! It brightens their day!

A child's "point of view."

Q: Georgia (4 years old) – What is your favorite part about the Care Centre?
A: Ummm…I love Stollie (the local cat) and pushing the seniors in their chairs! They point at me and smile!

Q: Autumn (9 years old) – How do you feel when you are at the Care Centre?
A: I like it! The Seniors really like talking to me when they can talk. I enjoy moving them around to the Church service area and helping my Daddy setup the podium and hand out song books.

Q: Chloe (11 years old) – How does the relationship represent your faith in Christ?
A: Well, I feel like God wants us to give our time to be around these people as they seem to be very lonely. I know that one day it will be me too. I feel if I'm here helping with the seniors it's like I'm serving Jesus!

Please feel free to investigate this opportunity to spread God’s love to those who cannot attend a regular church service. We hope to see you there!
Many blessings!

Anne Dawson

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