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Jul 29/2016

Care Centre Ministry Update


The Capital Care Centre ministry continues to grow in both participation from the seniors and attendance from our brothers and sisters at Heartland! In the last 9 months, we have been blessed with more and more seniors feeling a pull from God to attend. Equally, we continue to welcome more volunteers on a monthly basis! For those who have stopped by, you will know first hand the impact of your presence. Many of our seniors cannot communicate, they cannot demonstrate their feelings. But, under the surface, you can sense their happiness from the emotional appreciation that results from someone like you taking the time to greet and porter them to the ministry area. Our services are 30 mins long and filled with joyous hymns. Opening/Closing prayers and a short devotional encompass the remainder of our time. As a ministry group, we sit among our elders and assist them with hymn books and such as we share special moments immersed in Gods word. 

It has been His grace that encourages the community at the Capital Care Centre to eagerly anticipate every 4th Sunday as an opportunity to worship our Lord with brothers and sisters in Christ of all ages. They especially love watching our young children! 

We continue to pray for our seniors and call upon those who do not know Jesus to join us at our services and bless His Holy Name.

Anne Dawson (

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Care Centre Ministry from Heartland Alliance Church on Vimeo.

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