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Jan 27/2015

Are You Hearing God?

Is God silent? All creation was established through the definitive act of God speaking. Jesus Himself is revealed to us as being the very "Word" of God. As we read through the Bible, we see a picture of God being active in speaking, yet many today do not personally identify with this experience. Are you having ongoing experiences hearing God?

At Heartland, we want to be a people that is tuned into the voice of our Creator God. That is why we are turning our attention to this very subject. Life Groups and Connex Groups will be providing opportunities all over our church for you to Hear God. You can read more about this initiative by clicking here... 

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Jessica said on February 26, 2015

WHOW DAD!!! YOU HAVE A BLOG??!?!?!! haha I can't believe I just read a blog by you what a pleasant surprise :) GO DAD! oxox Jess