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Oct 6/2014

Newcomer Events Recap

On Saturday and Sunday we had our first newcomer events of the fall; Saturday with a dessert and Sunday with a lunch. It was exciting to see so many people new to Heartland come out and get connected. Members of the Heartland staff shared about themselves, passions, and the different roles they play around Heartland. There was great food and great conversation. We are glad people are finding Heartland…

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Oct 1/2014

Newcomer Events This Weekend

Are you new to Heartland in the last 6 months? I want to invite you to one of our Newcomer Events this weekend.  Saturday, October 4 - Newcomer's Dessert following the Saturday night service at 7:45 pm in Room 154 (56ers Room). Sunday, October 5 - Newcomer's Lunch following the Sunday 11:15 am service at 12:45 pm in the Gate Auditorium (Overflow Room). We would love to help you get connected and…

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Sep 22/2014

Connex Groups

Explore the Possibilities Short Term Small Group Experience Connex Groups have been created specifically for those who may be new to Small Groups or have other commitments that keep them from joining a Life Group. Connex Groups allow you to explore the possibilities of a small group experience over a short term, usually 8-12 weeks. Members choose topics and days that work for them where they are…

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Sep 9/2014

Grand Opening Recap

September 6-7 marked the official Grand Opening for our new campus at Heartland. It was great to see the passion and enthusiasm of the people of Heartland and very exciting to welcome so many visitors. Some of the highlights for me included: Our first ever parking team coordinating the traffic flow coming and going in the parking lot. They created a very welcoming entrance to people who were new to…

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Aug 2/2014

Young Adult Retreat July 2014

We headed out to Gregg Lake Campground, William A. Switzer Provincial Park on Friday July 25, 2014. When looking at the forecast we were concerned that we may be setting up our tents in the rain. However, God blessed us with no rain as we rolled in to the campsite later that evening to set up camp. After the tents were set up and everyone was settled, we enjoyed roasting up smores and basking in God’s…

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